Backstage Bag is a celebrity product placement company specifically geared towards products and services for celebrity parents, babies and kids. We produce Hollywood's most exclusive celebrity baby baskets  for expectant and new parents and our famous Celebrity Baby and Kids Beach Cabana. These exclusive gift baskets go to specific hand-picked celebrity parents.

Each of our Celebrity Baby Baskets is filled with luxurious products and services targeted specifically for the celebrity recipient. We carefully select each sponsor, placing them in a gifting opportunity that will best suit their product or service. Celebrity gifting is a very powerful tool. Having a celebrity seen with your product can create an overnight sensation, leading to more sales and media attention than you could ever imagine. It is also very affordable and obtainable way to get celebrity endorsement for your company.

We also focus on media and press attention, sending our gift bags to popular magazines and news outlets for possible write ups, features and giveaways. Our gift bags have been featured in countless magazines and media outlets.

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Amy Boatwright has years of experiance in celebrity product placement. She is part owner in Secret Room Events, which produces lavish celebrity gift suites surrounding major award shows. Secret Room Events is known for producing the most exclusive gift suites for Hollywood's most elite talent and media.